Have you ever thought about knowing how life is in other countries?

It is not only a matter of natural and cultural beauty but also about the uniqueness that exists in each country. 

In this world, there are hundreds of countries that you may have never visited, and you must be curious about what the differences are that exist in other countries that are unique and not in your own country? 

For that, let’s explore together unique facts from various countries in the world. 

Canada: Using Plastic Money 

Several big countries have begun to seek to use digital money in the modern era as it is today, but unlike Canada, this country uses a unique new method, namely by converting physical money into plastic form, to be exact in CAD 50-100 denominations. 

Scotland: Unicorn Becomes National Animal 

It is very unique because this one country chose the unicorn as its national animal symbol. It is already known that the Unicorn Animal is a mythological animal. 

Usually, other countries use real animals such as Indonesia making the garuda the national animal, Australia with the kangaroo. But even so, it is not only Scotland that uses mythological animals, but China also uses the mythological dragon animal as a national animal. 

Bulgaria: the tradition of spilling water 

Bulgarians have a unique tradition of wishing for the success of someone they care about, by spilling water right behind the person they wish to pray for. 

South Korea: Adding Age 

If you go to Korea, then you will automatically age one year older. This is because South Korea began to calculate the age of humans when they were still in the womb. 

Ethiopia: 13-month Calendar 

In general, calendars only have 12 months. But for the country of Ethiopia in South Africa, the Calendar has 13 months in it. As a result, the country of Ethiopia is aware of the time delay of 8 years. 

Therefore, if you come to this country, you could be 8 years younger, it seems. Haha. 

Albania: Shakes head in agreement 

Usually, shaking your head is a sign of disagreement, while nodding is a sign of agreement. Uniquely, in Albania, the opposite is true. They shook their heads as a sign of agreeing to something and nodded as a sign of refusal. 

Andorra: A Country That Doesn’t Have an Airport 

The airport is the most important thing in every country that is useful for opening the gates of entry to foreigners. However, in contrast to the country of Andorra, which does not have any airport. However, Andorra has three helipads, at Arinsal, La Massana, and Escaldes-Engordany. 

New Zealand: Population Problem 

The New Zealand government should pay attention to the population problem because the problem in this country is that the number of sheep that breed is higher than the human population, the ratio is 6:1. 

Argentina: End of the Month Eating Traditions 

Argentina has a fairly unique tradition of food. Here they always enjoy potato gnocchi at the end of the month. This tradition is done because they believe they can get good luck. 

Cambodia: Country Without Birthdays 

People usually celebrate birthdays as happiness for someone’s birth. However, this is not the case in Cambodia, where the majority of parents tend to not know what a birthday is..

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