Did you know that Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which has fascinating tourist attractions and is no less extraordinary than Hawaii or other countries?

Bali is known to have beautiful beaches, so beautiful coral reefs, volcanic mountains that look green, and unique rice fields that can spoil your eyes.

There are many tourist destinations you can visit in Bali where you explore with friends, family, or your partner.

If you’d love anything all about beaches, then Bali is the number 1 destination you should try to visit.

Besides being surrounded by beautiful beaches, Bali is also very thick with fascinating traditional culture and can add to your insight.

In addition, Bali is also known for Meditation and Yoga whichever is also discussed in the 2010 film Eat Pray Love, starring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

Many luxury hotels show a view of the beautiful charm of Bali that can be your place to stay if you are on vacation here. You can choose a hotel with a traditional Balinese nicety, or a modern hotel according to your wishes and comfort.

Not only that, but Bali also offers various types of delicious culinary delights and will certainly spoil your tongue. There are many culinary foods ranging from Seafood, Traditional Balinese Food, and Modern food that you can try to taste in Bali.

Well, if you want to plan to go to Bali, of course, you will find out in advance the information on a tour guide to the island of Bali,  right? And what are the fascinating tourist attractions in Bali that you can try to visit?


Below, there are several tourist attractions that you must visit in Bali. We had surveyed this place which is the most visited by tourists in Bali.

Kuta beach

Located south of Denpasar City, the Kuta area has become a tourist attraction on the island of Bali since the 1970s and has become a destination for foreign tourists.

The power of Kuta Beach dance is in its beautiful white sand, sea waves that are not too big, and so very complete tourism supporting facilities.

You can enter for free into Kuta Beach but only need to pay a fee for parking the vehicle, and then you can enjoy the beauty of Kuta beach.

Pura Tanah Lot 

One of the most sacred temples in the Bali archipelago, the attraction of Tanah Lot Temple lies in the unique location of the two temples that are right on top of an extra big rock.

When the seawater is high, this temple will be seen right in the middle of the sea, where you can enjoy beautiful sunset views here.

Jimbaran Beach Bali

It is one of the beaches in Bali that has many seafood restaurants that are ready to pamper your tongue.

Equipped with a beautiful white sand beach view, you can also surf safely because the waves are calm.

With free admission, you can see the beauty of the beach and the seafood restaurants that await you.

Bali Safari Marine Park

Drowsy about the beaches and temples in Bali? Then you can try to take a vacation with your family to the Bali Safari Marine Park Zoo located in Serongga Village, Gianyar – Bali.

In this Safari park, you can find various kinds of rare animals from 3 countries, namely Indonesia, Africa, and India. The animals here consist of 60 species, and 400 rare animals from Indonesia, including the White Starling, Tapir, Crocodile, Owl, Sumatran Tiger, and Pig Deer.

Rare animals from African countries include the Hippopotamus, Lion, Babbon, Ostrich, Blue Wildebeest.

From India, Safari Bali has The Himalayan Bear, Leopard Deer, Black Buck, and Nilgai.

You can do a Safari Journey around the zoo using an unusual car that has been provided at this place.

Not only during the day, but you can also enjoy the Night Safari which offers a different experience and sensation of seeing these animals at night.

There are also various kinds of rides for children’s games and Bali Agung performances that you can try when visiting here.

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