Places of worship are principal for people spot to worship their God’s, stay close to the creator, and always live on the right path because they never forget their God.

Apart from being a place of worship, it is usually also used as a religious tourism destination because many worship buildings look beautiful and majestic, so tourists are interested and want to visit them.

From various existing sites, we collected some information about the most beautiful places of worship in the world from various religions.

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Taman Ayun Temple, Bali.

Located in Bali and built-in 1634, Taman Ayun Temple was once a temple of the Balinese empire. In this temple, a tall pagoda was deliberately built as a symbol of natural harmony and is also surrounded by a moat and a beautiful garden that soothes the eyes.

Sakirin Mosque, Turkey.

This is the first mosque in Turkey to incorporate contemporary design into a traditional mosque designed by renowned female hotel designer Zeynep Fadilioglu.

The elegant impression is already visible when you enter the mosque, and above it, there is a chandelier that resembles raindrops falling, so beautiful.

Paro Taktsang, Bhutan.

This place is a monastery complex in Bhutan, located on a cliff with a height of 3,123 meters above sea level that was become a cultural icon of Bhutan and is a famous tourist destination.

Own the original name Taktsang Palphug but is also known as Tiger Nest because, in the Thousand Buddha Hall, there is a statue of a Big Tiger which is respected as a symbol of this place. The people here believe that the location of Paro Taktsang Monastery was chosen by a Tigress who at that time was carrying a person on her back who was the founder of Bhutanese Buddhism, Padmasambhava.

Dome of Rock, Jerusalem.

Familiar as a historical place of worship of the three major religions in the World. There exists a beautiful golden dome on the outside, dominated by calligraphy and beautiful blue motifs that imply a majestic impression. People’s said the gold dome comes from real gold weighing 80 Kg!

Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia.

In Colombia, there is a Gothic Revival-style church with the most prominent architectural firm in the world. has up to 100 meters from the top of the canyon which is connected to a height of 50 meters on the other side.

The unique shape of this church looks like a castle in a fairy tale, which took 33 years to build, starting from 1916 to 1949.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, India.

India has other icons beside the Taj Mahal which is a symbol of love, you are obliged to visit this Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple located in the Tamil Nadu area. Underneath the largest temple complex in India, this place has an area of ​​​​156 hectares, equipped with 21 beautiful towers, and attractive carvings with striking colors.

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican.

This Catholic place of worship is very sacred and is home to the Pope who is a religious leader. Lots of tourists come not only to enjoy the beauty of this place but at the same time pray fervently.

Built with beautiful architecture, Donato Bramante to Michelangelo Buonarroti who is a well-known Italian artist also joined in refining St Peter’s Basilica.

St Peter’s Basilica is also referred to as a museum because it houses famous art statues that are priceless.

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