Social media is an important thing at this time. From children to millennial mothers, they are already familiar with social media, although there are still some people who don’t want to use social media.

There is a lot of social media nowadays. Starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Bigolive, and others.

The trend of just replying to each other’s messages, making statuses and commenting on each other, uploading photos and tagging each other with friends, using unique filters when taking pictures, is now becoming more sophisticated by broadcasting yourself to the public through live features that are now starting to appear on social media.

The social media platform that popularized this feature live was bigolive, which activated the live broadcast feature, followed by Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and now the newest one is Tiktok Live.

In fact, Twitter has done this before, which includes Meerkat and Priscope as a complement to the Twitter application. But unfortunately, it is less popular than BigOlive and others. 

Live popularity at this time tends to be more on Instagram, where your live can be seen randomly by other people, in contrast to Facebook, which can only be seen by accounts that are already friends. 

Instagram is indeed very popular, coupled with the presence of Instagram celebrities who have thousands and even millions of followers, so their lives can be watched by many people easily. 

But you don’t have to be jealous of that. Even though you still have a few followers, you can still be happy and exist on Instagram. 

If you want your live Instagram to be seen by many people, you can try the tricks we share below. 

Have an Instagram account.

Of course, before you start to live, you must first have an Instagram account. First of all, download the Instagram application on your cellphone and register your account. You can easily follow the steps step-by-step to create an Instagram account. 

Live Equipment.

Make sure that you have prepared the equipment so that Instagram Live can run smoothly. 

Live equipment that you must prepare includes a mobile charger/powerbank, a camera holder, and lighting so that your life looks clear and bright. 

Stable network.

To do live on Instagram, you need a stable internet network so that your live runs smoothly and is not interrupted. Make sure your WiFi or data quota is in good condition and full so there is no interference with the network when you are live.

Determining Idea.

Before doing an Instagram live, you should plan ahead of time what you will talk about, such as a song cover session, a musical instrument playing session, a mukbang session, a question and answer session, a selling session, promoting something, or displaying new and interesting things.

You can do all of these things as long as you don’t violate the law.

Promotion of Live Session.

Before starting an Instagram live, it’s a good idea to promote the live plan first.

You can post your live schedule announcements on your other social media accounts or share them on your Instagram feeds and stories.

So, people will know when you’re live and be interested in watching it.

Live Topic Pin.

Pins are one of the Instagram features that will pin topics so that viewers can see them and will not be distracted by other people’s comments.

By writing an interesting topic that you are discussing in the pin, people will be more interested in watching your live Instagram. 

In addition to the topic of discussion, you can also create a pin with questions that can later be answered by people watching the live stream.

Responding Audience.

Instagram has the advantage of allowing viewers to comment in real-time when live. So you can take advantage of this to respond to comments from the audience, or you can also do a question and answer session (Q & A) so that the audience will be more interested in watching your live performance.

Include a “Call to Action” at the end of the live.

This is something you shouldn’t miss on live Instagram