Most housewives will be faced with endless housework. 

Especially when a pandemic outbreak hits like today, people are required to stay at home more, and this can add more homework. 

With a lot of homework, we don’t have time to do sports just to keep the body in shape or burn fat in the body. 

If exercise is not done for a long time, it will have an impact on the health of the body that is less fit, has more fat, and other diseases that can affect the body.

Especially for a woman, exercise is not only for self-health but also for shaping the body to stay slim and toned. In this way, your confidence will grow even greater. 

Burning fat in the body can be done simply through cleaning activities that are usually done every day at home. 

Each exercise can help you burn fat and also have different effects on different body parts.

The following is some homework that can help burn fat and keep the body in shape. 


Ironing is usually one of the toughest jobs that are also the laziest to do. But did you know that ironing can help you lose weight? 

This ironing activity helps burn approximately 157 calories per hour.

You must be excited about ironing clothes every day. 


Mopping is one of the most beneficial jobs for the body. You can burn 259 calories if you do it for about an hour. This is equivalent to swimming for 45 minutes.

And if you mop for 30 minutes, then the calories lost are 157. This means you are doing aerobics for about 30 minutes. 

Mopping the floor not only helps in burning body fat, but can also train the core muscles, leg muscles, and hand muscles. The back and forth motion of mopping can also strengthen your shoulders and back and give your tummy a stretch.

Want to get better results? Then you can use a mop without a stick that works by supporting the knees and hands. If this is done within 10 to 15 minutes, it is equivalent to doing Zumba or aerobics.


Making the bed can help reduce body fat by burning about 45 calories per day if done every day for one week. Cleaning the glass


If you clean the bathroom for about an hour, it’s like running around for 25 minutes, which can burn 256 calories in your body. 


Do the activity of cleaning the glass every hour so that you can burn about 231 calories in your body. This is equivalent to running for 15 minutes. 


Vacuuming can help burn fat if you do it for an hour. This is equivalent to jogging for 20 minutes. 

If you use a vacuum to clean the dust for one hour, you can burn as many as 175 calories in your body. When cleaning the body, don’t forget to clean the underside of the sofa, table, and other furniture. 


Although it is not done every day, painting the walls can help you burn calories, as much as 210 calories if done for 30 minutes.

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