At this time, the Korean wave has an impact on many countries. Not only dramas, movies, music K-pop, Korean food, and Korean-style makeup, but also Korean-style fashion trends are now in great demand by people.

Korean fashion at this time has become one of the fashion meccas because the style is simple but still looks cool and very creative in mixing and matching clothes.

Starting from the style of women or men, Korean fashion trends look very stylish and not boring, and they always follow fashion developments all the time.

Especially for the casual-casual style that can make you cooler but still look simple enough to wear to campus, hangouts, or when doing various activities anywhere. These

Korean-style fashion trends can also make you more confident by wearing a variety of attractive, beautiful, and fashionable outfits.

However, you don’t just follow trending styles, but also have to be able to choose fashion that fits your personality. And most importantly, the outfit you choose is still comfortable when worn.

If you want to try this Korean-style fashion trend, you can try to follow some of the tips that we share below.

The Floral Dress Pattern.

floral dress pattern

This fashion model has a Korean look. This floral dress is indeed booming in Korea now.

Although the dress is quite simple, the floral patterns on it will look luxurious and elegant when used.

For those of you who are Muslim and want to try this floral dress pattern, you can add a blazer or sweater, or look for a long-sleeved dress and combine it with a plain hijab of the same color. An oversize

Oversized T-shirt and jeans.

oversized t-shirt

This style combines an oversized t-shirt with skinny jeans or hot pants that make you look casual but cool.

You can add white sneakers and sunglasses to make your appearance cooler.

Turtle Neck.

turtle neck

This style is very suitable if used for college. Look simple and simple by combining a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt with a midi skirt made of jeans.

Pair a mid-jeans skirt with a high-waisted model to be cooler. Also, add a tote bag and simple flat shoes to make it more attractive.

Off-shoulder blouse.

off shoulder blouse

This blouse is indeed booming in Korea, usually combined with hot pants, short skirts, skinny jeans, and culottes.

This fashion is perfect for going to the mall or hanging out with friends.

Sabrina’s Dress.


Sabrina’s clothes can indeed make your appearance look sweet and elegant. You can mix and match this Sabrina shirt with a mini skirt or skinny jeans, which will make your appearance look maximally beautiful.

For accessories, you can add open-toe block heels to make your posture look taller, vintage crochet bags, and sunglasses.

Casual blazers.


are indeed one of the most popular outerwear items in South Korea. This blazer is not only used for work and formal wear, but can also be used as a casual style.

To look casual while wearing a blazer, pair it with a plain white t-shirt, high-waisted jeans, and white sneakers.

Add simple small bag accessories and sunglasses to make your look perfect.