Usually, newly married couples will go on a honeymoon as a way to enjoy time together without any disturbance after carrying out the wedding.

Honeymoons can also be a way to express romance and closeness between couples so that they get to know each other better and spend time alone.

Honeymooning at this time has become a tradition that is done by many people. Although not everyone does it, most people who have just married will take their honeymoon to the best place.

Honeymoons are usually planned by looking for the best destinations that have a romantic view. Like going on a honeymoon to the beach, famous places, and also abroad.

If you have a honeymoon plan but are still confused about determining the best place you want to visit with your partner, then some of these locations can be one of your best choices for a romantic honeymoon.

Some of the most romantic honeymoon destinations are listed below.

Below are some of the best honeymoon spots that can make you and your partner more romantic. Let’s have a look.


Nihiwatu-Sumba is one of the best resorts that you can visit when visiting Indonesia.

There are several facilities provided at Nihiwatu-Sumba, namely 3 luxury treehouse villas that were once occupied by Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Sheeran.

There is a swimming pool with a beautiful sea view. There is also a private beach that you can use to surf with your partner.

You can also see the release of turtles from captivity, which is the moment that tourists have been waiting for. And if you are lucky, you can see a very beautiful view of the Milky Way at night.


In the village of Klevan-Ukraine, there is the Tunnel of Love, which is an industrial railroad that connects Klevan and Orzhiv. You have to travel 350 kilometers in four hours to get to the Tunnel of Love from Kiev.

This tunnel is covered by curved green trees that reach 3–4 kilometers in length with winding paths. 

It is called the Tunnel of Love because people believe that if you cross this particular track, all your hopes, dreams, and love will come true. The romantic scenery created by the tunnel, which is lush with trees, can be a romantic destination for you and your partner while on your honeymoon.


Cappadocia, in Turkey, is a tourist destination famous for its hot air balloons. Located in the ancient area of ​​East Anatolia, which is located on Mount Taurus, this place has a view of dozens of hot air balloons with rocks stretching from the volcano.

You can ride a hot air balloon with your partner and see the view of volcaniclastic rocks at an altitude of up to 40 meters.

In addition to the hot air balloon tour, you can also visit the Uchisar castle, which was built on a rock as high as 60 meters above the residential area to enjoy the sunset. 


Located at the mouth of a deep gorge in the Salerno Bay, Campania region, Italy, this place is surrounded by cliffs and also has a beautiful and romantic beach view, perfect for a newlywed couple to visit. 

The buildings of churches, shops, villas, and palaces seemed to be carved of stone. All of these buildings are surrounded by beach views, and you can smell the grapes, olives, and lemons filling the air with delicious aromas.


Called the “city of a thousand palaces”, it is one of the most romantic cities in India, surrounded by a beautiful lake of 47 hectares.

City Palace is one of the icons in the city of Udaipur which displays the beauty of its architecture. This historic palace was built quite complexly with many different hallways, rooms, and gardens, which are now being transformed into a romantic Indian-style tourist spot.

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