The mall at this time has become the most practical and closest place for urban entertainment.

Not only are malls a place to shop for goods, but they also provide rides for children and other places such as restaurants and cinemas. Almost everything we need and want is in the mall.

Malls are usually built in large sizes so that they can accommodate many people and all the needs that visitors want.

There are several malls in various corners of the world that are very large and spectacular, with all kinds of interesting things in them. 

The 10 largest malls in the world, 8 of which were built in Asia, offer a variety of entertainment that you can try to visit if you are visiting the country.

Well, below are the 10 largest malls in various parts of the world, including: 

Iran Mall 

It is the largest and best mall in the world, with an area of ​​21 million square feet. Everything you need is there.

Inside Iran Mall, there are 700 shops and 200 restaurants in three food courts, and there are also many bookstores. Don’t forget, inside Iran Mall, there is also an IMAX cinema with a capacity of 2,000 seats.

It’s not just a place to shop; there’s also a hotel with 450 rooms and a press conference room with a capacity that can accommodate up to 3,000 guests.

South China Mall

China can be called a country that is rapidly developing. For example, it has the second-largest mall in the world, which covers an area of ​​7.1 million square feet. 

Located in the southern area of ​​China, South China Mall is home to up to 2,000 shopping stores.  

The Mall of Istanbul

It is located in Turkey, which is characterized by cultural beauty and development progress. The area of ​​the Mall of Istanbul is 7 million square feet, in which there are various shops, cinemas, restaurants, and an indoor amusement park that visitors can enjoy. 

SM Tianjin 

Located in Tianjin, China, this mall has a total area of ​​6 million square feet and a unique design based on the concept of Arquitectonica architecture.

There are various kinds of shopping and entertainment center outlets that can make you happy and be entertained when you come to this particular mall. In China, to be precise, in the capital city of Beijing. 

Golden Resource Mall  

stands firmly with an area of ​​6 million square feet that presents more than 1,000 shopping centers both in the form of products and services. 

China is indeed one of the best countries in terms of development that deserves a thumbs up. 

Central Plaza WestGate 

Located in Thailand and having an area of ​​5.9 million square feet, Central Plaza WestGate is very popular among tourists.

With the size of the building, this mall can accommodate many shop outlets and also entertainment venues. IKEA also dominates this mall with an area of ​​50,278 square meters. 

Central World   

Still located in Thailand and has an area of ​​5.9 million square meters like Central Plaza WestGate, Central World is well known on an international scale and is one of the largest malls in the world.  

There are many shops, restaurants, fashion, beauty, and many other things that you can find here.  


Not moving from Thailand, which is known to the world as one of the best tourist destinations to visit, Inconsiam completed two large malls in Thailand, making a total of three malls in Thailand included in the ranks of the largest malls in the world. 

SM City North EDSA  

Still in Southeast Asia, let’s visit SM City North EDSA, which is located in the Philippines. 

Covering an area of ​​5.35 million square feet, this mall has more than 800 shopping outlets as well as 300 dining outlets. 

Visitors are sure to be served by the mall’s stunning design and interesting entertainment.

Istanbul Forum  

Istanbul is home to one of the largest malls in the world, with an area of ​​5.33 million square feet. Inside, there are various kinds of global standard shopping outlets, such as Decathlon, IKEA, and streetwear, to high-end fashion products