Everyone’s appearance is not only seen through clothes and faces that need to be cared for and paid attention to. But body odor is also one of the things that you should pay attention to.

A fragrant body can increase self-confidence and can also keep you fresh throughout the day.  

However, all the activities you do can make the body tired, sweaty, and start to emit unpleasant odors from the body, especially in the armpits.   

Perfume is indeed a solution to scenting the body, but only temporarily. What’s more, it would be useless if you put perfume on your clothes but your body still emits new odors. As a result, the smell of perfume will mix with body odor, which causes an even worse odor. 

Therefore, it is important to take care of the body so that it remains fragrant and does not smell even when you are not wearing perfume.

Below are some solutions that you can try to avoid bad body odor, even if you don’t wear perfume. Let’s see.  

Bathing Routine. 

Bathing regularly is very important to do so that the body remains clean and all dirt and bacteria that can cause odor from the body are lifted and lost.  

Even though you are at home all day, it is best to keep taking showers so that your body is clean and smells good. If your activities are busy outside the house from morning to evening, you can take a shower 3 times a day, namely in the morning, afternoon, and evening. For the night, you can use warm water to take a shower while relaxing your tired body after doing various activities outside the home.  

Shaving Armpit HairBald.  

Armpit hair will not affect the production of sweat in your body, but by shaving your armpit hair you can avoid odor absorption.  

Armpit hair can be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause body odor. In addition, armpit hair can slow down the process of evaporation of sweat, which causes the armpits to become moist.

Use body odor. 

After bathing, it’s a good idea to dry your body until it’s completely dry with a clean towel. After that, use deodorant on your armpits to keep them fresh and not cause a pungent odor when sweating.  

Especially if you do outdoor activities that are quite tiring, deodorant is an important thing that you must use every day.  

Keep your body moist. 

Take care of your skin to keep it healthy and moisturized by drinking water regularly and using lotion or moisturizer. If you do this regularly, your skin will be healthy and free from body odor problems. 

Apply a body scrub. 

Get used to doing scrubs on the body at least once a week so that dirt and dirt attached to the skin can be lifted. With clean and healthy body skin, you will still smell good even without wearing perfume.  

Choose comfortable clothes.  

Wear clothes that are comfortable and can absorb sweat to prevent body odor and also allow your skin to breathe through the fibers of the cloth.

For example, clothes made of silk, linen, and cotton can absorb sweat and will not make you hot when wearing them.

Pay attention to the food you consume. 

Some foods can cause unpleasant odors in your body. Garlic is one of the foods that can trigger body odor to appear in your body. In addition, eating petai and jengkol can also cause unpleasant odors in your body and mouth. 

Therefore, you should consume healthy foods and not cause body odor so that your body stays healthy, fresh, and fragrant throughout the day without having to wear perfume.

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