Singapore is famous as a tourist spot and has an attractive shopping center, so it has become one of the choices for tourists to visit this country.

There are many kinds of tours that you can take in Singapore, starting with cultural, religious, historical, urban, and cultural tourism seems coming to Singapore is not enough if you only have a day, because you will miss a lot of interesting tours in this country.

So it’s good that before going to Singapore, you make a plan in advance of how many days you will stop by so you can explore the unique and interesting tours in Singapore. It’s a shame if you go for just 1 to 2 days, even though there are many interesting places that you must try when on vacation in this lion statue country.

Well,besides the usual tours, there are also unique and exciting tours in Singapore. Want to know anything? Come on, let’s check below.

Night tour in Singapore

Try to go sightseeing in Singapore after sunset. At night, Singapore will be busier and more exciting to explore. Start the night tour by first tasting the evening’s culinary delights in the Telok Ayer area, then trying to walk along the Singapore River, stopping at the rooftop bar located at Boat Quay, and finally at the Clarke Quay party center. Surely, your night tour will be very enjoyable, especially if you go with your friends or partner.

The Horror Tour

Want a tour that smells of horror and the mystical? In Singapore, they also have that. You can take the Creepy Tales Of Singapore tour, where the guide will take you through places famous for urban legends in Singapore, such as visiting ancient cemeteries and taking a tour of the site of the former World War 2 tragedy. This tour is also more thrilling because there is a ghost detector. modern to make a more mystical impression again on the visitors.

A detective-style mystery-solving tour in Chinatown

Singapore has another interesting place that is quite famous, namely China Town. There are regular activities such as culinary and many shopping centers here. Not only that but there are some unique new things to try in Chinatown.

If you visit China Town, you can try the China Town Murders-outdoor escape room game tour. This tour carries the concept of a game in solving a mystery fiction case with the theme of serial murder in Chinatown. In this game, one team consists of 2 to 5 people, with a guide who will give instructions to each group.

This tour also won the Outstanding Tour Experience at the Singapore Tourism Awards in 2021.

Farm to Table Culinary Tour

This tour is unique because it carries the concept of having tourists visit the vegetable, fruit, and herbal plantations in Singapore. After choosing the food ingredients in the garden, the tourists are then invited to eat the results of the gardening earlier. Therefore, the name of this tour is “farm to table,” because the dishes on the dining table come directly from the garden. This tour takes 5 hours, but it is guaranteed that you will not get bored following it.

Vespa Tour

Have you ever tried to ride a Vespa around the city? If not, then you can try this one tour. This tour operator, Singapore Sidecars, has a tour duration of one to three hours by riding a Vespa through special districts in Singapore, such as the Kampong Glam district, where shopping is located, the Joo Chiat and Tiong Bahru Peranakan Districts, and many other places.

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