At this time, Instagram has become a social media platform that many people use.

Instagram is a place for people to save their best moments in the form of digital photos.

On Instagram, you can post the photos you want to get lots of likes and followers.

Usually, people will post their vacation photos with unique and interesting photo backgrounds that attract attention on Instagram and get lots of likes.

Many people also deliberately go to interesting and unique places to fill their Instagram with various interesting photos.

There are many amazing photo spots around the world that you can try to visit to fill your Instagram feeds. Some of these places are spread over several countries and have their specialties.

If you are on vacation in a country, you can try to find instagramable places in that country, such as some of the instagramable e-tourism destinations below.

Big Almaty Lake.

Big Almaty Lake is located in the Trans-lli Alatau mountains, which are at an altitude of 2,511 meters above sea level and are also part of the lli Alatau national park.

The scenery presented in front of this lake is very beautiful, with towering mountains, making this place very suitable for a photo spot.

Not far from this place, there is a traditional yurt, or portable round tent, which is decorated with unique ornaments and that you can enter and take pictures of.

Berggasthaus Aescher.

It was once a farmer’s house in Switzerland but has now been transformed into a restaurant as well as an inn, and is quite crowded with tourists. This house stands on the side of a cliff overlooking the mountains and has been around since 1940.

Although the road to this place is quite steep, you can imagine the scenery and atmosphere in Berggasthaus Aescher. This place is perfect for making Instagram feeds because it is unique and rare.

Pamukkale, Turkey.

Pamukkale or commonly referred to as cotton castle is a natural hot spring bath that is very beautiful and amazing. Here all the scenery is presented with a white background like cotton and clear water, perfect for taking pictures and posting them on Instagram.

In addition to the hot springs that are formed naturally, here there is also a hot air balloon that you can ride or just see. It is very beautiful and not inferior to Cappadocia.

Moraine Lake, Canada. 

This lake is called one of the most beautiful lakes in the world because of its clear water and views of snowy mountains that will spoil your eyes.

The water in this lake can change color from blue to green tosca which comes from the melting of glaciers and also the reflection of sunlight.

Many activities can be done here, such as taking pictures, hiking, riding, boating, or just relaxing while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Halstatt, Austria. 

If you are a Disney movie lover, you surely know the Frozen movie. This one place became the inspiration for the village of Arendelle in the Frozen movie because of the beauty of the place that carries the medieval era. As a result, the village of Halstatt became famous and is visited by many tourists.

Instagramers and influencers make this place a favorite because of the uniqueness of the village and the mountain view across the lake.