An ideal and healthy body is certainly desired by everyone, both women and men.

Many things can be done to get the ideal slim body. However, one of the most important and influential factors in achieving the ideal body is to maintain a healthy diet.

Diet is usually done to get the ideal slim body. But dieting does not mean not eating or eating only very small amounts.

Sometimes people who are dieting can torture themselves by resisting the urge to eat something. Even though this is not a good thing and makes you crazy later on when you eat various kinds of food after the diet is finished. And this, of course, becomes useless with the diet that you have done before.

Usually, people who are on a diet will avoid some heavy foods like rice and fatty foods.

Sudden changes in eating patterns can indeed cause weight loss, but this is not good for health.

All things certainly require a process, and instant things will certainly not be good for the body.

You can try to start a healthy diet by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables that are safer for weight loss.

But some healthy foods are suitable when you want to go on a diet. You can try this food menu to accompany your diet days to make it more fun and not torturous.

Vegetable Salad.

Of course, everyone must have known about this powerful diet menu. Vegetable salad is one of the healthy diet menus that are widely consumed by weight fighters.

This vegetable salad is very tasty, especially if you add mayonnaise, and will keep your weight ideal and healthy because it has a high nutritional content because contains a variety of vegetables and fruits.


Yogurt is very good for being used as a diet companion because it has a fairly low sugar content and contains high levels of vitamins and fiber.

Although yogurt is made from milk, it is still safe to consume as much as anything when you are on a diet.

Red beans.

Red beans are usually used as a diet item because they will not make you fat no matter how much you eat them. You can add a red bean soup menu to make it more delicious when eaten.


This healthy food is usually a friend to watching movies in the cinema or at home. But did you know that this popcorn can fit into your diet and won’t make you fat? This is because popcorn is made from low-calorie corn.

But, don’t add sugar to the popcorn, because it can make your body stretchy later. So, it’s okay to just eat the original popcorn.


This fish is very tasty for consumption and can be used as a mainstay diet fish. This is because tuna does not have a lot of fat in it and is classified as a healthy food because it is rich in protein.

If you are bored with fruits and vegetables while on a diet, then you can try consuming this tuna.


Eggs are also one of the foods that can be used as food in your diet. Eggs are high in protein and also contain healthy fats that are good for consumption while on a diet. Eggs have a small number of calories but can make you full.


Besides tuna, salmon can also be included in your diet menu for a healthy diet. This salmon contains omega 3, protein, and healthy fats that are good for the body. Salmon can also prevent obesity, so this one menu is perfect for eating when on a diet.

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